Dealing with Asperger and bullying

I abhor bullying and im quick to jump on any kid that tries it on. However there is always more to bullying than simply the act itself and its a matter of getting to the bottom of the issue.

Here is my current problem. Andy is having trouble at school. The issue im faced with is that due to Andy's Asperger he displays with outlandish behaviour that draws attention to himself. For example he will turn around and knock other students books or he will make outlandish comments. He bosses the other students around and he is extreamly self centred, only interested in what he has to say. this in turn doesnt make him any friends, in fact he doesnt have any friends this year. If your familiar with Asperger you'll know the traits and the problems of integrating someone like Andy into a mainstream school. Andy is extreamly intelligent and he can hold an adult conversation however its completely self centred. I will admit he is a little cooky at times and he does get transfixed on things but generally on the whole he is a nice kid.

The problem arises when you put him into a mainstream setting and expect Year Nine students to understand his condition. They see him for what he displays on the surface and i will have to admit he is pretty annoying. So here my problems lie, how do you keep everyone happy?

Im writing this retrospectivly thinking we havnt had a day yet where things have gone without an incident erupting.

I’m just about to get into bed last night and I get an email from Mrs Willet telling me that the bullying is still going on. I'm back on to the email and quickly write her a message. I was aware that the issue was getting out of hand so I guess I knew the email was coming. Im kicking myself now for not getting in first.

Andy has Asperger so there are always two sides to the story. I know he can be very annoying and get under the skin of the other students. I have been told that he had been waving the picture of his rats about and inciting the group by shouting that they couldn't touch his picture and he could show it as much as he liked. At the same time what is going on is bullying and it will need to be addressed.