I Hate Squashing Entrepreneurialism but.....

I hate to squash students who are being entrepreneurial however when it comes to buying and selling stink bombs then you really have to draw the line. A group of girls came up to the staff room complaining of an eggy smell coming from their change room. As I get the female P.E teacher to go investigate the smell I am intercepted by Mrs Mongoose, who says that Anjay in Year Nine has been selling stink bombs to the lower years.

I manage to find Anjay and Its just like a police interrogation "Sanjay im questioning you on suspicion of supply and use of stink bombs within the school, what have you got to say to this". Like all interrogatee's he begins with denial of any knowledge of the articles, and even denial that you could be questioning him over this. "are you talking to me sir".
"Yes i am talking to you Anjay there is no one else her in this corridoor"
"Oh i dont know what you talking about, What are stink Bombs?" He says. "You know what stink bombs are so come this way for a chat". He follows me to my office saying all the way downteh corridor "stink bombs i dont know what they even are". As he passes the other students in the corridoors they are smiling as everyone knows it was him who has been letting the bombs off around the school.

I get him inside the little cupboard of an office they have allocated me and I turn the heat up. I begin turning the screws by fibbing and saying that "at least six people including teachers have pointed you out as selling them or giving them out". He frowns and his story changes from denial of even knowing anything about stink bombs to just giving a few of them out. I know he is far deeper implicated in this than just being a simple supplier. I know from previous experience that Anjay is quick to crack if he thinks he can cut a deal. I tell him that it's always better to own up and take the lesser punishment than have me run around and investigate and then find him guilty. I play on the honesty card and say that “if you are telling the truth I will believe you but if you lie then the consequence will be a lot more serious”. He cracks as expected and tells me that he had let one off in the girls change room. I say “That’s fine Anjay ill book you in for an after school detention on Wednesday then”. He doesn’t mind the after school but he does mind the letter sent home to his parents telling them what he has one.

My assembly is a complete ramble and lost all of its effectiveness this. I always wing these things and I had the plan of going in and laying the law down. This never happened and I hardly got off the ground. This was partly because i rambled but moreso due to the students coming in to the hall in dribs and drabs and when I eventually got them all together I had given my introduction three or four times. I hate these assembelies as I feel that I’m performing more so for the staff. I need to look like I am laying the law down here. The Drama teacher who is an excellent orator is standing off to one side and I’m sure he is thinking what is this guy going on about.