A Ready Reference to Special Education Articles

The purpose of this Blog is to provide a ready reference to current research trends in Special Education.   There is a constant flow of research articles coming out of Universities around the world. However, these are often only read by fellow academics or teachers carrying out research.  The field of special Education is undergoing a revolution.  Good intentioned practices in the past that sought to 'give access' to students with disability are now seen as only half measures to the new paradigm of true inclusion. 

A dominant feature of special education policy in the past has been based on medical models of disability.  Policy makers and special educators have sought to address the needs of students with disability through the creation of labels or categories of disability (Carrington 2000).  The new paradigm of true inclusion states that disability does not exist within  a person but is a construct of society or the institution in which it is being placed (Carrier 1999).  

To protect copyright laws, the articles presented on this blog  are presented in abstract form.  If you are a student of a University please use the reference to carry out a search through your Library.  In some cases articles are published on the internet through a number of depositories.  Articles will be available through the providers web page.  Should you come across any instances of copyright please report them to the blog author at myagogy@gmail.com

Carrier, J. (1989). Sociological perspectives on special education. New Education, 11, 21-31.
Carrington, S. (2000). Accommodating the needs of diverse learners: Teacher beliefs. Unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane.

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