Bourke, P. and Carrington, S. (2007) Inclusive education reform

 Bourke, P. and Carrington, S. (2007) Inclusive education reform: Implications for teacher aides. Australasian Journal of Special Education 31(1):pp. 15-24.



In Queensland, inclusive education reform is on the political agenda, following the report of the Ministerial Taskforce on Inclusive Education (students with disabilities) in 2004. The government’s responses to the initiatives outlined in the taskforce report emphasise a commitment to social justice and equity so that all students can be included in ways that enable them to achieve their potential. This commitment will be pursued by building an environment of consultation and collaboration with all stakeholders to improve the educational outcomes of students with disabilities, by reforming enrolment processes, and by enhancing professional development of current and future teaching staff. What does this vision for inclusive education reform mean for the position of the teacher aides who support students with disabilities (previously integration teacher aides)? Are they recognised as stakeholders within the reform process? How will they be consulted about reform?

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