Every Student, Every School New South Wales Department of Education

The need for addressing the disparity between the educational outcomes of people with disability has been long awaited.  A study in 2009 titled “Shut out: the experience of people with disabilities and their families in Australia” outlined that the education system acted as a barrier to not only students’ achievement but also to independence in their lives (National people with disabilities and carer council 2009, p46).  This prompted the Australian Government, in 2011, to sign the ‘National Disability strategy’.  The strategy brought to the forefront a need to move towards more inclusive models, in order to improve the educational outcomes of all students with disability.  In doing so the Commonwealth Government allocated $200 million in what is titled the “More Support for Students with Disability” initiative (Commonwealth Government 2012).  This initiative allows education authorities to use the funding to increase support for students with disability by building the capacity of schools and teachers to better meet the diversity of students with need.

Through a National Partnership agreement, in March 2012, the NSW Department of Education launched the “Every Student, Every School” initiative (DET 2012).  The Catholic Education Office in Sydney, in a separate agreement, followed suit with their “New Directions for Learning Support” initiative. Both Initiatives aim to implement frameworks that will increase support for students with disability.  
Every Student Every School is the The New South Wales Department of education remodel of special educational services. This has come as a result of the MSSWD Initiative. The National Partnership is set to provide around $47 million over two years to improve the outcomes of students with special needs.