What is Inclusive Research

The Centre for Disability Studies (cds.med.usyd.edu.au) was proud to be a member of the steering committee for the Disability Inclusive Research Collaboration (DIRC) Conference, Research Rights: Disability Inclusion Change, 13-14 June at the University of Sydney. This video shows Michael Bleasdale discussing 'What is Inclusive Research?' and opening the conference. More info and presentations from the conference can be found here: cds.med.usyd.edu.au/events/130-disability-inclusive-research-colloboration-dirc-conference-2012

Michael Bleasdale - What Is Inclusive Research? from Sam Arnold on Vimeo.

The video is a bit hard to follow but basically outlines that there is a need for inclusive research to be supportive of the participants it seeks to study. In the past views and even topics researched did nothing to provide any form of emancipation for people with disabilities. The new awakening of inclusive research seeks to address this and bring about positive change for those disadvantaged through disability.Michael does outline that the research movement still faces many challenges notably the lack of resources for research and programs to be carried out or developed.